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As of March 2021, the federal government officially admitted defeat in its promise to eradicate all drinking water advisories in Fiirst Nations communities across Canada by March 2021. They have given up on this promise originally made by Justin Trudeau during his 2015 election campaign. As of March 2021, they are still leaving 59 long-term water advisories in effect in 41 communities. This should come as a disappointment to all Canadians, as it seems ridiculous that to this day we have thousands of people in our country who do not have access to clean water when we, as a country, hold 7% of all the fresh water in the world. This inability to provide such basic needs to many Canadians underscores the feeling in Canada that while the government may say they care about the wants and needs of the Indigenous population, they do not. Canada is all about the fact that we should all have fundamental rights, which is why we offer public education and healthcare. Yet for some reason, we cannot give thousands of people clean drinking water? We should all take action for the future to provide this clean water to Indigenous communities in Canada.



Collaborates with Indigenous communities to address critical water challenges through education and training.

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